New extraction

Engineering and execution

A Strategic Technology Partner

Lilac offers resource owners and operators a reliable and proven technology, with a full-service approach to lithium extraction, including subsurface and end-to-end flowsheet support. We design, build, and operate commercial lithium extraction systems globally. We partner with top engineering firms for the conventional balance of plant and infrastructure. We are open to a variety of commercial structures.


Built for Scale

Lilac manufactures its patented ion exchange material in the United States. This eliminates supply chain disruptions, mitigates foreign entity of concern and US IRA compliance issues, and serves both our global and rapidly growing North American market. 

work with us

Derisked onboarding process

Lilac’s approach builds confidence by quickly proving results. Our pre-commercial steps typically include piloting (Oakland and field) and commercial demonstration plants, tailored to meet customer brine and schedule requirements. We are flexible on the engagement.