Scaling lithium supply
for the electric era

Lithium’s Position

Lithium, the irreplaceable metal

Lithium is irreplaceable for the high-energy batteries that power electric vehicles. Lithium has a unique position on the periodic table, offering performance that cannot be replicated by other metals. High energy density also means fewer cells and smaller footprint, which translates to lower costs for both vehicle and grid applications. Lithium is essential for the energy transition.

A market on the rise

100% EV →
30x Li demand

Automakers are converting their factories to exclusively produce electric vehicles. This is great news for the planet but requires a 30x jump in lithium supply.

Enabling Technology

Unlocking new resources

Brine resources – natural deposits of salt water – contain enough lithium to power the world. However, efforts to increase production from brines have mostly stalled due to environmental and technical problems. Lithium brine developers need new technology to quickly and efficiently bring online new production.

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